BFIAR: Runaway Bunny

This week Conner and I did not get to do a lot of “school”.   We had our cousin in town from MI and spend many fun days at the beach and hanging out/playing with my sister and her family!  It was a great week.  We did however get to spend a few days on Runaway Bunny.  I was able to teach the preschool class at my church.

At the class we began by making bunny ears for each child to wear during the class.

We read the story and then learned about God’s everlasting love for us. (Jeremiah 31:3).

We sang the song “Did you ever see a Bunny?”  and acted it out with our finger puppets I made out of pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pompoms.  The kids loved them!  We also practiced some sequencing with strips of bunny patterns to match.

We then reviewed the story and talked about the words “If” and “Then”.  The students matched the correct “If” to the “Then” in the story. (Conner and I reviewed this activity at home.)

We then moved into our craft time where we made “Boo Boo Bunnies” for the kids to take home.  They were so cute!

Finished it off with “Bunny Salad”!  What a yummy good looking snack.

At Home Conner and I matched Bunny’s silhouettes.  Conner was very Fast!  We then added more animals to our Animal Classification Chart.



We also talked about different type of circles and made our Lapbook!  It was a great time!

Next Time: The Carrot Seed


BFIAR: Goodnight Moon

I just finished our first week of “Rowing”.  Conner and I did Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  It was a really fun week!  We started by reading the book.  We talked about the different colors in the book and pointed them out.  We then colored a page of balloons all the colors we found in the story.

I am also leading a preschool group in the BFIAR activities at our church every-other Thursday.  We had our first “class” where we hung red felt mittens (that I had cut out before hand) with clothes pins on a drying rack just like the picture in the book.  The kids had a blast taking turns hanging their mittens.  We then talked about the phases of the moon.  I had made moon wheels and I handed them out to the kids and we talked about how the moon looks different sometimes, but it still is the moon.

We then moved into the craft room and made moon & star mobiles to hang in the kids bedrooms.  Conner’s turned out great!

We then had snack time!  I had cut out circles in swiss cheese and then placed them on Ritz crackers.  I then made “mush” using cornmeal a little bit of salt and some water.  (I found a microwave recipe that was perfect!)  The kids had fun trying the mush.  A lot of them liked it!

We ended the day playing on the playground.  Each child was able to leave with a red balloon!

At home we talked about what a circle was.  We Identified 8 different items that were circles and pasted them into a circle.  It was fun!


We then talked about Rhyming words and the poem “Hey Diddle Diddle”.  We created a book and read it through a bunch of times.

Another Activity we did was remembering what we said “Goodnight” to in the book.  We created two pockets one for things we said “Goodnight” to and the other for the rest of the pictures.  I had Conner tell me if we said “Goodnight” to the item in the picture and place them in the correct pocket.  He did ok. (3 wrong)

Overall we had a great time with Goodnight Moon!  I’m excited to see him rembering things from the book and singing our Bible Verse all week long:  Psalm 136:3, 7-9

“O give thanks to the Lord…that made great lights…sun…by day…moon and stars….by night.”

(Tune of: If your happy and you know it.)

Next week: The Runaway Bunny!

Before Five in A Row

I am excited about a “curriculum” I am going to be doing this fall with my 2 1/2 year old Conner.  It is called Before Five in a Row.  The concept of Five in a Row (FIAR) is to read a story once a day, for five days, and each day look at the story through a different topic or concept.  The teacher’s guide is full of activities to do wit your 2-4 year old child!  I have been getting together all the materials I need and will be starting the first week of September.  I hope to share photos and ideas each week on this blog for anyone who wants to follow along.